uArm Plastic by EVOL

Test Conditions:

Machine: uArm Plastic

Mods:  NONE

Software: Stock EVOL Software


– Open Source, arduino controlled, easy to use

The plastic uArm is pretty cool, you can control it via pc or use the record function to show it what to do. It is rather easy to assemble and takes 2-3 hours from start to making it pick objects up. The vacuum system is a great feature but they also offer a gripper that has two tongs and can be built by parts supplied with the kit.


– Accuracy, instructions, reliability

While the plastic uArm is great for hobby I can’t see it performing for small production setups, the accuracy is not the greatest at +/- 1-2 cm and that affects the reliability and repeatability of the arm… The arm also seems to have the jitters when making slow moves witch can affect accuracy. Non of these cons kill the arm but make it more hobby than production.


– Controller, Software.

Final Thoughts:

Well this product has a pretty high price for what it is but there is no other company right now that offers the same setup so all the power to EVOL. When I got the arm I assemble and tested it in a few hours and some frustrating moments. The software is not the best and doesn’t allow you to setup any sort of pre planned positioning or run a routine. The controller has a great design and allows you to modify it to add sensors or other outputs, the arms ability to redo a task over and over is there but with some error and jitter.

Design: 8/10

Function: 6/10

Looks: 8/10

Quality: 8/10


This Product seems to not be available on the website anymore please refer to my post on uArm Metal by EVOL

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