X-Carve by Inventables

Test Conditions:

Machine: X-Carve CNC Machine

Mods:  DeWalt 611 Spindle and Stiffening of X and Y Axis’s

Software: GRBL Firmware, Easel, HSM Express,  Inventor, Vectric


-Assembly, Wiring, Troubleshooting, Replace Parts, Ease of use, Diversity, Mod-ability

I got a X-Carve 1000mm from Inventables and this machine is great! it has all the features you need to do custom carvings and even v carving, the accuracy of the unit is +/- 0.003″ so for the price point and being a DIY Build is pretty impressive. the assembly was pretty easy with some minor issues along the way, Replacing parts on this machine could not be easier all that is involved is usually a bolt or two, Also the X-Carve is PnP (Plug and Play) in my eyes once it is assembled. The Diversity of this machine is wonderful as you can put a spindle, drag knife, laser, pen, marker or any attachment you can dream up as this machine accepts almost any mod you can throw at it.


-Strength, Interference, Square

The X-Carve does not have many cons but i had to think of a few. The strength of the X and Y rails could be better as you can flex the rails by hand hence why i added the supports i did including vertical plates for the Y Rails and a bar between both X Rails. I managed to have some Limit Switch interference when i started off due to the motor and limit wires running beside each other for long distances. The Final con of this machine is keeping the X Gantry square to the machine has to be achieved by pushing it all the way to the end of the rails then turning the machine on and homing.


-Strength of Rails (use bigger square rails), speedcontrol for routers (Like Super-PID)

Final Thoughts:

Overall i really like the X-Carve 1000mm and it seems to be the best unit you can find for the price on the current market. The support that Inventables offers for all of their products is amazing and you will usually hear back from them within 1-2 days max! They are also honest if they send you a broken or bent part and will replace it.

Design: 8/10

Function: 9/10

Looks: 10/10

Quality: 9/10


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