C-Beam Actuator by OpenBuilds

Test Conditions:

Machine: NONE (Bench Test)

Mods: NONE

Software: NONE (GRBL to test movement)


-PRICE!,  High Quality Motor, Great Quality Machining, Ease of Assembly, Assembly Time (20 Minutes)

The C-Beam Actuator Kit from OpenBuilds is a great add on or starting point for anything that needs a sturdy axis. I am surprised at how easy and fast i assembled the unit. the quality is great and the parts fit perfectly with no modifications needed! not even slight sanding.


-Delrin Nut

One of the only down sides i can see to this kit is the Delrin Nut.  Depending on what Nut you use in the kit can change the accuracy of this product. The normal nut has a few thou play but if you use the nut with the backlash adjustment screw you can pretty much eliminate this problem. therefore the C-Beam Actuator really has no downsides!


-Delrin Nuts (I had to find something)

Final Thoughts:

I am amazed at this kit and how easy it was to get up and running, From assembling the wheels to bolting the frame together everything had a tight tolerance and everything lined up great. this Line of Actuators from OpenBuilds makes it easy to assemble your own CNC Machine or any machine that needs an axis. Another Plus is that if you buy a shorter version you can always upgrade by purchasing a matching length of ACME Screw and C-Beam. While there are some cons they are not a red flag they are just slight issues that i ran into and that are easily changed. being made of V-Slot extrusion you can mount this to just about anything. Great Job OpenBuilds!

Design: 9/10

Function: 9/10

Looks: 10/10

Quality: 9/10

OVERALL: 9.5/10

This Product is Available here: http://openbuildspartstore.com/c-beam-linear-actuator-bundle/

C-Beam Actuator Build Instructions Download