ScanaPlus By Ikalogic

Test Conditions:

Machine: NONE (Bench Test)

Mods: NONE

Software: ScanaStudio


-Setup, Ease of use, Function of Software, Channels, save function

The ScanaPlus From Ikalogic is a great add on to a portable work station. The unit is small (2.87 x 1.81 x 0.67 inches) and light (2.08 oz), it also comes with a set of test leads and probes. The Software is easy to use and has built in decoders if you want to debug anything from 1-wire up to a Parallel (8-bit) bus with a 9th channel for a clock signal. upon first setup i was a bit leary on the operation but once i got going it all made sense. A great feature with the software is you can save your waveforms for further investigation later.


-No Live Mode (Not Expected on a Spectrum Analyzer), Probes

I would love for this little black box and software to be able to live stream even though it is not the end of the world if it does not. the probes and leads that come with the kit are sort of cheap and not long enough (10″ overall Reach) it would be nice to have at least a 15″ reach so you can run from one end of a proto board to the other and have the ScanaPlus away from the board.


-Probes, Bits and Pieces of Software

Final Thoughts:

The ScanaPlus packs quite the punch for fitting in the palm of your hand and while there are some cons this thing will let you know whats up in your circuit and even give you the timing between the rise and falls of the input. it also boasts differential inputs which can come in handy. I am still pretty upset with the leads it comes with but there is not a good way to breakout 9 channels on a Spectrum Analyzer that fits in the palm of your hand. Overall the software ended up being functional and has a library of decoders that is updated and added to once in a while. I would recommend this for someone that needs a Analyzer but does not have the money for a stand alone unit.

Design: 9/10

Function: 8/10

Looks: 8/10

Quality: 7/10


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