My Name is Nick, I do reviews as a hobby and to help companies develop products. All of my reviews end up on this website and also in the inbox of the company i review for. i usually contact companies but the odd time i get an email asking if i could review a product. i am open to accepting products and can be reached at nickcookblog@gmail.com if you wish for me to review a product for you.

I currently have reviews in: Electronics, CNC, Robotics

My YouTube Channel can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH19zkxtneUqLmlm2eDUupA

Follow me on Twitter for the latest Reviews and Videos! https://twitter.com/ReviewsNick

But i would be more than happy to expand my reviews to whatever companies offer. i try to do video, picture, and written documentation but most of the time you will receive atleast a written review in the requested format or in my format and either a) pictures or b) video.