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3-Axis Nema 24 Kit by Omc-StepperOnline

Test Conditions:

Machine: NONE (Bench Test)

Mods: Run via Arduino not stock controller

Software: GRBL , Universal G-Code Sender.


-PRICE!,  High Quality Motors, Dual Shaft, Great pairing with Driver, Ease of wiring

This kit is a great starter or upgrade to any cnc project that needs the 439 oz.in that these motors offer. the motors are NEMA 24 but will mount in NEMA 23 frames, they also come with a good length of wire on them that allows for easy wiring, the drivers are the next great feature to this kit as they have removable headers and easy to access switches for current setting and step setting. this driver will do Full Step right up to 1/256 step.


-Control Board

Well the only con to this kit is the horrible mach3 compatible breakout board that uses parallel port to control the drivers, i tried for a while to get the board to work with windows 10 and could not succeed. this kit would benefit from a usb driver.


-Breakout Board

Final Thoughts:

Overall this kit is GREAT for anyone looking for cheap stepper power. The motors are great build quality with 8mm shafts that have a flat spot and dual shaft to add an encoder or drive other things. The M542T Drivers are incredible but lack a idle current mode so motor heating is going to happen if the motors don’t move a lot. the biggest down side to this kit and the part that drags the rating down is the Breakout Board… it is a parallel port mach3 compatible board that well is outdated in my mind. this kit is a powerhouse aside from the breakout board.

Design: 9/10

Function: 7/10

Looks: 10/10

Quality: 8/10

OVERALL: 8.5/10

This Product is Available here: http://www.omc-stepperonline.com/3-axis-31nm439-ozin-nema-24-stepper-motor-m542t-driverr-kit-for-cnc-router-p-305.html